Monday, 27 August 2012

Have you ever...

Have you ever... just wanted to chuck it all in to just get away from that job; that house; that mortgage; the landlord; those bills; the clutter; the noise; the eternal quest to get paid more and more so you can spend it on more and more stuff you don’t need or want; or worse still - to give it to someone else?
Have you dreamed of living a life where you are free to wake when you are ready; free to free to roam and explore or do as you please; free to be yourself; free to decide to move on if you don’t like it where you are; to be of no fixed address and to have nothing you “have” to do or place where you “have” to be?

Well that is exactly what Joanne and I did on Thursday 26 April 2012 and our blog will not only tell you why, but allow you to travel with us.

Our blog has only just commenced so there is some catching up to do and we will post some articles we wrote long the way so that the whole story is told.

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