Wednesday, 29 August 2012

24 Hours a day – together!

Isn’t it funny how before we got married we spent as much time as we could together before the big day (before the days of trying before committing) and then after we say I do, we spend most of each day away from each other because of work and commitments. Well I am not sure about you but to my mind this totally defeats the purpose of being married and together!

The beauty of being on the road however is that unless you choose to be apart, you are together all of the time. Now some may say that that is a good reason to stay at home, and granted being together all the time can have some moments where you crave some space for yourself, but we enjoy being around each other  or working on things together even if we are not talking all of the time. Just being in the same space is enough, and of course we get to share all of those wonderful campsites, moments, sunrises, sunsets and anything else that happens in our day with each other - all of the time!

Have we had times when being together all of the time was just too much? No.

You really get to know someone when you spend time with them. You also get to know yourself better as well.

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